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A History of Global Training Leadership

Dr. Linda Eagle and Clifford Brody began working together in New York at Arthur Andersen & Co (later to become Accenture) in 1985. Together Linda and Cliff spearheaded the creation of the "Peopleware Group" focusing on the education, documentation and communication that would help systems users maximize job performance. Linda and Cliff directed client projects and created methodologies and toolsets working in parallel with the firm's systems practice including Method E (for Education), Coursewriter's Workbench, and Documentation Workbench. This new practice area was hugely successful for Andersen - and expanded from New York to lead US offices and within two years to a profitable, global core division known as Change Management.

Word of the Peopleware and Change Management successes spread throughout the Corporate Education world, and soon enough Linda and Cliff were recruited away by Sandy Corporation, a 400 person Disney based multimedia Training company in Troy Michigan that was later acquired by ADP. They charged Linda and Cliff with opening and building a New York Office dedicated to Finance and other Business Sectors. Linda and Cliff launched the business and soon boasted such prestigious clients as IBM, NCR, Citibank, Met Life, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Prodigy Services, Johnson and Johnson, AT&T, Sears, New York City Health & Hospitals, Ketchum, Burson-Marsteller, Nynex, American Express, Ernst Young, Sears, and Kodak. Two years later, Linda and Cliff bought the division and formed their first company -The Edcomm Group - with the goal of becoming the preeminent corporate education company in the world.

The early years of Edcomm were characterized by establishing the foundation for growth. Banking was chosen as the industry of primary focus, and the team built methodologies and tools and a suite of training programs which Cliff and Linda named "Banker's Academy."

As early as 1987, Linda and Cliff created an award winning Retail Banking training program, "GENESIS: IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT TRANSACTIONS ANY MORE" for Chemical Bank (the predecessor to JP Morgan Chase). The resulting culture change, from "Transaction" to "Sales and Service" in the Teller and Platform areas of the branch marked the start of ChemBank's new era of Branch Operations, and Linda and Cliff received a standing ovation when they presented the business benefits at the bank's acclaimed Service Quality conference.

During the next 23 years Linda and Cliff worked with over 2000 clients. Under their leadership, Banker's Academy developed a world-wide client base and a curriculum of over 10,000 educational modules in Compliance, Teller, Ethics, Lending, Platform Sales & Service, Commercial, Investment, Treasury, Islamic Banking, AML, Basel II, Security, Fraud Prevention, Call Center, Leadership, Communication, Systems Training, Project Management, Problem Solving and Leadership Development. Cliff and Linda decided that the company would serve all areas of Financial Services, specializing in Retail and Commercial Banks of all sizes, Corporate and Treasury entities, Credit Unions, and Money Services Businesses (MSB's). They offered eLearning, Classroom-based, Train-the-Trainer, and Blended programs. Supporting Systems created included a full-featured Learning and Content Management System (LMS/LCMS) as well as a cutting edge Documentation Management System.

AND NOW . . . with past successes fresh in their minds, Cliff and Linda have embarked on the next big thing . . . GLOBAL BANKER’S INSTITUTE

GBI History

Cliff and Linda invite you to join them as they embark on their mission of leading the world in providing simply the BEST! training and consulting support for Banks and Financial Institutions and Companies around the world.

Global Bankers Institute . . .EXPERIENCE, INNOVATION and VALUE . . . simply the BEST!


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