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BEST! MicroLending Operations Training

BEST! MicroLending Operations Training Teaches Supervisors How To Maximize Productivity and Quality.

MicroLending Operations: Increasing Volume While Decreasing Costs

Successful microlenders process a high volume of microloans with a focus on efficiency and minimizing costs. The key to this success is effective micro finance operations training that focuses on productivity and quality tools and techniques.

The BEST! MicroLending Operations Training Program

Based on global best practices in MicroLending Operations training, the BEST! MicroLending Operations Training Program provides your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be the best they can be. Comprehensive training includes:

  • Introduction to MicroLending Operations Training
  • History of MicroLending Training
  • Shariah Principles Training
  • Calculating Break Even Points Training
  • Capacity and Scheduling Training
  • Problem Solving with Decision Trees Training
  • Conducting Time Studies Training
  • Using Time Ladders Training
  • Cause and Effect with Fishbone Analysis Training
  • Forecasting Training
  • Decision Making with Pareto Analysis Training
  • Analyzing and Tracking Quality Training
  • Throughput Model Training
  • Analyzing Work Flow Training
  • Work Sampling Training

The BEST! MicroLending Operations Training Program may be deployed as an eLearning, classroom or blended program, with comprehensive skill development using case studies, activities, role-plays, evaluation and testing, and final MicroLending Operations certification followed by mentoring and ongoing OJT. The program is completely customizable with the Bank's standards, policies and procedures, or it can be deployed as off-the-shelf training.

To learn more about how your bank can maximize productivity and quality, click here.


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BEST! MicroLending Operations Training