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The BEST! Employee Engagement Training

BEST! Employee Engagement Training

BEST! Employee Engagement Training Teaches How to Build a Motivated, Loyal and Results-Achieving Team.

The Results Are Amazing

Engaged employees tie their own personal success to the organization's success and the results are amazing!

The first step in successfully engaging employees is to recognize the importance and benefits of true Employee Engagement and understand the specific steps needed to actively engage your team.

The BEST! Employee Engagement Training

Based on global best practices in employee engagement training, the BEST! Employee Engagement Training Program provides your leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to be the best they can be. Comprehensive training includes:

  • The Employee Experience Statement
  • What is an Engaged Employee?
  • A Theoretical Model to Employee Engagement
  • A Practical Model to Employee Engagement
  • Creating a Culture of Caring
  • Setting Clear 2-Way Expectations
  • Providing the Means to Success
  • Providing the Opportunity for Growth
  • Rewarding Good Performance
  • Counseling Poor Performance
  • Personal Action Plan

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The BEST! Employee Engagement Training Program may be deployed as an eLearning, classroom or blended program, with comprehensive skill development using case studies, activities, role-plays, evaluation and testing, and final certification followed by mentoring and ongoing OJT. The program is completely customizable with the Bank's standards, policies and procedures, or it can be deployed as off-the-shelf training.
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