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BEST! Performance Management Training

BEST! Performance Management Training Teaches Leaders How To Maximize Employee Performance And Achieve The Bank's Goals.

Performance Management: Standards and Motivation

Successful banks have employees who are motivated to achieve the Bank's goals. These are employees are led by managers and supervisors who focus on performance management, developing and communicating standards and key performance indicators and metrics (KPI and KPM), and then involving and motivating staff to meet and exceed those goals. By providing managers and supervisors with effective performance management training, the Bank can translate its goals into bottom line results.

The BEST! Performance Management Training Program

Based on global best practices in performance management training, the BEST! Performance Management Training Program provides your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be the best they can be. Comprehensive training includes:

  • Introduction to Performance Management Training
  • Defining Goals Training
  • Aligning Goals Training
  • Defining Standards Training
  • Defining Key Performance Metrics Training
  • Evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Training
  • Communicating Goals, Standards and KPIs Training
  • Motivating Employees Training
  • Creating Performance Reviews Training
  • Evaluating Performance Training
  • Setting Individual Goals Training
  • Conducting Performance Reviews Training
  • Improving Performance Training
  • Maintaining Performance Training
  • Performance Management Tools Training

The BEST! Performance Management Training Program may be deployed as an eLearning, classroom or blended program, with comprehensive skill development using case studies, activities, role-plays, evaluation and testing, and final performance management certification followed by mentoring and ongoing OJT. The program is completely customizable with the Bank's standards, policies and procedures, or it can be deployed as off-the-shelf training.

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BEST! Performance Management Training