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BEST!  Ethics Training

BEST! Ethics Training Reduces Risk To The Bank By Teaching All Employees The Bank's Code of Conduct

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Ethics: Bankwide Training Is A Must

Recent ethics scandals around the world have cost organizations millions of dollars and have led to increased scrutiny and accountability for all employees in the financial services industry. Successful banks can eliminate ethics questions by providing comprehensive ethics training to communicate the laws, policies and procedures that govern the actions of all Bank employees.

The BEST! Ethics Training Program

Based on global best practices in bank ethics training, the BEST! Ethics Training Program provides your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be the best they can be. Comprehensive training includes:

  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Ethics Laws and Regulations Training
  • Outside Employment Training
  • Workplace Conduct and Safety Training
  • Conflicts of Interest Training
  • Gifts from Customers Training
  • Reporting Ethics Violations Training
  • Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

The BEST! Ethics Training Program may be deployed as an eLearning, classroom or blended program, with comprehensive skill development using case studies, activities, role-plays, evaluation and testing, and final ethics acknowledgement and certification followed by mentoring and ongoing OJT. The program is completely customizable with the Bank's code of conduct, policies and procedures, or it can be deployed as off-the-shelf training.

To learn more about how your bank can reduce the ethics risk and increase employee motivation, click here.


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BEST! Ethics Training